I am a freelance designer with extensive knowledge of industrial, product and package design. My background and education in Hungary and the US, combined with living and working in the UK since 2010, give me a mix of cultural influences and knowledge. My attitude to design is informed by this confluence of ideas, and my approach to design problems as a result is creative, challenging and original.

      An example: when briefed to create a prototype device to aid communication between deaf and hearing people, I joined a society for the deaf. I experienced first-hand the particular barriers that deaf people must face, but also the cultural questions about whether the deaf community should even be considering becoming more integrated with hearing people; a debate which mirrors current controversy about multiculturalism in the UK and Europe. The design solution I produced reflects many needs and preferences of deaf people which are initially hidden from those who can hear, but also incorporates an understanding of sound which could be difficult for a deaf person. My role in this project, as much as a conventional designer, was as a bridge between two communities, understanding both. The role of a designer in general can be seen similarly: a bridge between those who create the functions of a product and those who use it.

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